Frequently Asked Question

"What's equipment required? And how to choose?"

 HappyPOS can be used on trial without any device, just your mobile phone or tablet. Once you are satisfied and want to use in real business. You can choose hardware and usage plan as required as follows.


  • Happy Basic ( Concurrently 2 users + 1 printer ) Suitable for small shops. Receive orders at storefront and print receipts.
  • Happy Spark ( Concurrently 5 users + 2 printers ) Suitable for medium size. Receive orders, send order ticket to 1 station and print receipts.
  • Happy Premium ( Concurrently 10 users + 3 printers ) Suitable for big size. Receive orders, send order ticket to many stations and print receipts.
  • Every usage plan will have inventory management system, report and analysis, unlimited number of products, online support, etc.
  • Able to increase /decrease number of users or printers anytime.

Software pricing and details


  • Happy-POS compatible with printers from Star Micronics and Epson.
  • Devices are classified according to the purpose of use, type of interface and print volume.
    - Cashier, Kitchen, Bar, etc.
    - Wireless (Wifi, Bluetooth) Suitable for places where no wiring is needed. And easy to move.
    - Wired (LAN Cable)
    - Print speed.
    - etc.
  • All devices are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • We provided all devices at normal market prices. And also you can check out the applicable devices here. Or check directly from the app.
  • For more information, please contact us.

Hardware pricing and details