Frequently Asked Question

"Is there a free or one time payment version ?"

 HappyPOS is designed and built to achieve the most benefits for customers. The monthly fee is required for the following reasons:

  • Nowadays technology changes rapidly. Software version will fall quickly in no time. One time purchase is not worth the investment anymore.
  • Your business needs the best service. If there is a problem, there must be no interruption and should be responded and solved the problem as quickly as possible. Free software need income from another channel. For example, to sell equipment, to pay for additional services in the future, to earn money from the customer database.(Big Data) Or from advertising or revenue from providing additional services to partners. Or even the goal of the Fund Raising. These are conditions that require as many users as possible. The number of users. It will inevitably affect the efficiency and overall service.
  • For our more than 20 years of service experience. HappyPOS We believe that POS is a specialized service. Each business has different requirements. And the internal management is different. So we created and developed HappyPOS without any fund raising. Because our main goal is not the number of customers. But it is quality and sustainability. This is due to the best customer service, fastest response. And the business operation must be smooth with no interruption. Using technology to change and develop all service models. The customer data will only be used to benefit the customer's business in the future.
  • HappyPOS developed and added functionality to meet the needs of customers continuously. Using the latest technology and keep your data in the safest and best cloud system (By Google Inc.). And automatic data backup with no additional costs.
  • The company is not obliged to buy the equipment from the company.
  • The company has no policy to earn any additional income from the customer database or from the customer directly in the future.
  • The company need to take care of customers because the main revenue are from the service.
  • Able to increase / decrease usage plan according to business need at any time.
  • Can stop service anytime. Without any obligation.
  • Discounts If you choose to pay the annual fee.